My kingdom for a zorse (kind of)

Say hello to Ippo. No, not the Japanese manga boxer (after whom he’s no doubt named), but this little fella: He’s a zonkey. Or a zebroid. Or a zorse. Or a zony. Or a zemule. Or a zebonkey. Or even a zebronkey. Or a zebadonk. Or a donkra. Or…wait for it… …a horbra! (Just don’t say that one out loud). […]

Favourites List (29.11.13)

The week in six bits: 1. Self-tickling is impossible even if you think someone else is doing it. Allowing me to break new ground by posting a picture of a cat on the internet. 2. Evolution Doesn’t Look Like You Think It Does. This has always annoyed me too. This, and […]

flat lay photography of vegetable salad on plate

Correlation? Causation? YOU decide! (It’s as good an approach as any…)

So, I’ve concluded that we might as well give up on trying to spread the word about the correlation-causation fallacy. People just don’t seem to be getting it. I do appreciate that there are complexities (after all, causality causes, and is therefore correlated with, correlation, but correlation does not cause […]

Chief Scientific Advisor gets the chop: Getting DNA backwards not the reason

I have been reading a lot recently about the Irish Government’s decision to get rid of its Chief Scientific Adviser. My fellow blogger Maria Delaney has covered this well both on her award-winning Science Calling! blog and on Journal.ie. The story is that, due to budgetary cutbacks, the supposedly independent Adviser […]