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Favourites List (17.01.14)


Bleurgh (Pic:

The week in six bits:

1. Nope, pruny fingers and toes don’t give you a “better grip”. Researchers claim to demonstrate that people with wrinkly hands are no better at set-up tasks requiring grip acuity. However, does this really disprove the underlying evolutionary hypothesis? I mean, does the study really shed light on incremental trans-generational inheritance of even tiny advantages in adaptive fitness? (Hint: No it doesn’t).

2. Mars mission student: ‘I’d rather go and not come back than not go at all.’ Masters student gets shortlisted for possible future mission to Mars, and is confronted with the possibility that such a trip might actually be of the one-way variety. Her response? “It’s much more logical. It’s the only way you can actually do a mission to Mars and land there, because otherwise you just won’t have enough fuel to go there and come back.” Okay then. But what about the prospect of never seeing your friends and family ever again, for as long as you live? “I will miss them…but it’s not a dealbreaker.” Continue reading “Favourites List (17.01.14)”

Favourites List (29.11.13)


The week in six bits:

1. Self-tickling is impossible even if you think someone else is doing it. Allowing me to break new ground by posting a picture of a cat on the internet.

2. Evolution Doesn’t Look Like You Think It Does. This has always annoyed me too. This, and allegations that giraffes got long necks from reaching up to high branches.

3. Exploding Whale Video. As in this week’s exploding whale video. Not to be confused with this, older, exploding whale video. Or this one. Or, for that matter, this one.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide Mixed With Potassium Iodide. As in this:

(Pic: imgur)

(Pic: imgur)

5. Deepak Chopra Gets Upset, Tries The Harvard Gambit. Steven Salzberg explains how Deepak Chopra gets offended by Jerry Coyne, and so mounts the following terrific counter-argument: “I frequently speak at Harvard, therefore I am right“.

6. Why Do People Hate The Word ‘Chemicals’? Because people are fools, BBC. That’s why.

Favourites List (22.11.13)


The week in six bits:

1. What would it feel like to touch a human brain?
We’re always told it’s jelly-like and yet, when I held it in my undergrad gross anatomy class, it felt like a cold cooked chicken (it was even wrapped in tin foil, I recall). Well, here’s a video that explains everything, kind of.

2. One in 10 women loves her pet more than her partner 
This reminds me of my old blog post on the news story that dogs are more likely to bite when walked by a man. Or the one about the story that women think about food more than sex. Hey! It’s not a survey, is it? (Also, I’m guessing they mean “one in ten pet-owning women” at the very least)

3. The War of the Worlds and the myth of mass panic
Apparently, people *didn’t* believe Orson after all. Which is disappointing.

4. We know little about the effect of diet on health. That’s why so much is written about it
David Colquhoun on John Ioannidis on how “Almost every single nutrient imaginable has peer reviewed publications associating it with almost any outcome”

5. Taste virtual food by touching this silver electrode to your tongue
Eeewwwwww. Electricity and mouths. Together at last.

6. World’s smallest FM transmitter built with graphene
A radio the thickness of an atom, and just for show they use it to broadcast real music (well, Gangnam Style at any rate)

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