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Welcome: ME Seminar

On International Women’s Day, we draw attention to a disease which affects women to a high extent. Almost 80% of those who fall ill with this disease are women. We are talking about ME which is a serious, chronic multisystem disease in which the nervous system, immune system and energy production are affected.

Ulrika Heindorff (Member of the Swedish Parliament for the Moderate Party) will open the seminar. Next we will hear Jonas Bergquist who is professor and leader of the ME/CFS research center at the Biomedical Center, Uppsala University. He will explain what ME/CFS is and present important ones research areas and results. Next we connect (via Zoom) with Brian Hughes who is Professor of Psychology from the University of Galway in Ireland. He will talk about the scientific basis for the new guidelines for ME/CFS from NICE. Finally comes the discussion. Sture Eriksson from RME will hold the important discussion part with questions about specialized ME activities in more regions, research grants, and whether the national clinical guidelines are coming. Karin Rågsjö (Member of the Swedish Parliament for the Left Party) will then close the seminar.

A warm welcome to an interesting seminar organized by The Moderates, the Left Party and RME: The Riksförbundet for ME patients. Coffee and cake will be served.

When? 8 March at 13.00-14.30
Where? Templum, Riksdag (Swedish Parliament)
How? Registration to ulrika.heindorff@riksdagen.se

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