New book…

I am pleased to write that my latest book — A Conceptual History of Psychology: The Mind Through Time — is now published worldwide. Here are the contents: PART I. FOUNDATIONChapter 1. People, history and the concept of psychologyChapter 2. Spirituality, philosophy and the concept of the mindChapter 3. Knowledge, […]

Psychology, religion, and public policy

Hello! I hope your Saturday is going well. Here is a talk I gave in November, at the Psychological Society of Ireland’s annual conference. The transcript appears below. Enjoy! * * * * * * Transcript: Psychology, religion, and public policy Now, this particular topic is very wide-ranging. I wouldn’t […]

landscape photo of stonehenge

Psychogenic ME/CFS: Turning the Nostalgia Up to Eleven

Some examples of comedy are jarringly impactful precisely because they feel so authentic. A personal favourite of mine is the 1984 movie This is Spinal Tap, the legendary mockumentary depicting a fictional English rock band attempting to rescue their dwindling reputations by organising one last big-splash concert tour. It is […]