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‘Miracle’ cure removes cancer, HIV, autism. By killing you

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Hat tip to c*nty_mc_sh*tb*lls over on Reddit for this one.

Irish patients warned ‘miracle cure’ from US church is bleach

A CONTROVERSIAL American Church which is coming to Ireland this weekend is promising a “miracle” cure for patients – but it is, in fact, industrial-strength bleach…On its website it is advertising the event as including access to its “miracle mineral solution” which, it claims, can “remove” a number of serious conditions including cancer, HIV and autism. However, the product – which is also known as MMS – has been banned in a number of countries including the US and the UK because tests by health and food watchdogs identified it as an “industrial-strength bleach”.

You can basically use a check-list to evaluate this type of story:

  • Church“: check
  • American“: check
  • miracle“: check
  • [cure for] cancer“: check
  • [and for] HIV“: ditto check
  • [and for] autism“: another check

Even the lower-order stuff is in there:

  • mineral“: check
  • solution“: check
  • Use of the word “remove” instead of “cure”: check

Oh, and let’s not forget the obvious: Continue reading “‘Miracle’ cure removes cancer, HIV, autism. By killing you”

All-natural produce is full of (eek!) chemicals!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to blogger James Kennedy, for this:


You see, regular foodstuffs found in nature are chock full of E-numbers, sugars, acids, and things ending in “-ose” and “-dehyde” and “-zene”.

I think James has made himself a bit of a legend here. I foresee these visuals achieving cult status, like Che Guevara t-shirts or Miley Cyrus’s tongue.

So let this be an end to the hunt for killer “chemicals” in processed food, and the paranoid boycott of same. Let it be an end to the claim that “natural” or “organic” foods are somehow “chemical-free,” as if they didn’t even exist, which is really just dumb (they do exist).

Read more on James’s blog here. He has lovingly prepared equivalent charts for bananas and blueberries. Which are also full of CHEMICALS! He has even produced a series of very large posters on his wonderful site. “Free to use” he points out very kindly, but do also go to his shop for his t-shirts and stuff…

Thank you, James. Thank you, and thank you again.

Favourites List (17.01.14)


Bleurgh (Pic:

The week in six bits:

1. Nope, pruny fingers and toes don’t give you a “better grip”. Researchers claim to demonstrate that people with wrinkly hands are no better at set-up tasks requiring grip acuity. However, does this really disprove the underlying evolutionary hypothesis? I mean, does the study really shed light on incremental trans-generational inheritance of even tiny advantages in adaptive fitness? (Hint: No it doesn’t).

2. Mars mission student: ‘I’d rather go and not come back than not go at all.’ Masters student gets shortlisted for possible future mission to Mars, and is confronted with the possibility that such a trip might actually be of the one-way variety. Her response? “It’s much more logical. It’s the only way you can actually do a mission to Mars and land there, because otherwise you just won’t have enough fuel to go there and come back.” Okay then. But what about the prospect of never seeing your friends and family ever again, for as long as you live? “I will miss them…but it’s not a dealbreaker.” Continue reading “Favourites List (17.01.14)”

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