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Breaking: UFO not flying, not unidentified, still an object


I guess this was a fast-moving story. After all, by the time the sub-editor had finished writing that headline, it emerged that this particular UFO was neither U nor F. Apparently, it “turned out to be” a piece of a Russian rocket. Too bad they couldn’t revise the headline on time before the Internet went to press.

All of which is kind of odd seeing as the Mirror cite as their own source the following Tweet, which at the time of writing was two days old…

News just in! (Two days ago)

News just in! (Two days ago)

…and that that Tweet linked to a news story on, which itself was a further three days old…

Seriously. Open minds.

Seriously. Open minds.

and that that website linked back to the original news report on, where the object’s origins as part of a failed Russian rocket were explained.

So, really, all this played out to a conclusion last Friday. Which in internet time is basically last year.

It is well known that UFO stories help fill space on slow news days.

I guess in this case the news was just reeeeaaaalllllyyyy slow.

Favourites List (24.01.14)

Gorgeous (Pic:
What else could it be? (Pic:

What else could it be? (Pic:

The week in six bits:

1. NASA startled by ‘Jelly Donut’ on Mars. Probably not a doughnut, though. Personally, I’m more startled by how dumbed down USA Today actually managed to make this report.

2. Conflicts of interest. It’s been a noisy week for sugar. Some folks want it taxed, others want it banned, and a few want it declared “the new tobacco.” In this insight into the petty politics of public health, Christopher Snowdon sums up what happens when you attempt to respond to such accusations by examining the research evidence. It’s not pretty. (This response to Dispatches on UK’s Channel 4 is also worth a look.)

3. Acupuncture Assists Penile Surgery: New Finding. This study recruited 1,481 males, who agreed to have acupuncture during penile surgery (it is some consolation to learn that, in true acupuncture fashion, the needles were administered to parts of the body other than the penis). The researchers reported that the men experienced “less discomfort” during the surgery. Way-hay! Too bad there was no control group. Boo!
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Aliens latest: Iran claims US run by extra-terrestrial Nazis, Washington Post frets about foreign relations


Our old friend, ex-Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer is back in the news, this time featuring in a story on the website of Iranian news agency, Fars. It turns out that prior to appearing on SophieCo to explain the true extent of extra-terrestrial visitations to Earth, Hellyer reviewed a bunch of documentation supplied by PRISM-whistleblower and now-Russia-resident Edward Snowden. Apparently, Snowden has ‘shocked’ his Russian hosts with information about the true nature of the US government.

Yes, it’s true.

They’re Nazis.

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