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Blame Canada (for those extra-terrestrials walking among us)


Sophie Shevardnadze is the presenter of SophieCo on Russian satellite TV station, RT. Normally SophieCo is a sedate affair. Recent guests have included social entrepreneur and Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, and former First Lady of France Cécilia Attias. All pretty worthy, if not humdrum, and, well, normal.

This week Sophie had the privilege of interviewing one Paul Hellyer, a former Minister for Defence of the Canadian Government. Born in 1923, Hellyer became Canada’s youngest Member of Parliament in 1949, and that country’s youngest cabinet minister in 1957. At a later stage he served in Cabinet under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, eventually becoming Senior Minister (the post that is now Deputy PM). Among other things, he was noted for having contested the leadership of the Liberal Party against Trudeau in 1968, and for having unified the Canadian Armed Forces while Minister for Defence.

In introducing him onto SophieCo, Shevardnadze had the following little titbit to add to his bio:

He became the first cabinet-level politician from a G8 country to publicly state that there is extra-terrestrial life present on Earth.

Yep, he’s one of those. Have a look for yourself here: Continue reading “Blame Canada (for those extra-terrestrials walking among us)”

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