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One year in: The Science Bit’s greatest hits

I am generally nonplussed by birthdays. And I realise that blog posts about blog posts can sometimes be boring. However, as I’m an obsessive hoarder and a data geek, in this case I am going to make an exception. You see, The Science Bit is one year old today.

That’s right, it has reached the big ‘1’.

*Cue music* There have been highs, and there have been lows; vivid memories and lots of stuff that I’ve forgotten. Readership has waxed and waned, but gradually grown. Some people have been happy. Others have been bored. Millions of people have completely ignored me. But rather than dousing you with further personal reminiscences, I thought I would instead simply feed back to you a countdown of the five most read posts of the past twelve months.

A special item that I like to call…’REELING IN THE YEAR

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“Atheists die first”?

My post on Dr Wendy Walsh — “Atheists die first”: CNN’s “expert” fights back — has been experiencing a spike in hits over the past day or so. It deals with the research evidence surrounding claims that religious belief (and non-belief) influence a person’s physical health prospects. The task of conducting scientific research into such matters is actually incredibly complicated, given the morass of statistical inter-associations among highly pertinent variables (such as socio-economic status, education levels, age, gender, and access to healthcare), as well as the small matter of direction of cause-and-effect.

However, contrary to the views of Dr Walsh, the evidence does not appear to support the assertion that atheists die first. You can find the post here.

As it happens, I recently touched on this issue again when discussing scientific research relating to Christmas. You can find that discussion here (check out #2 on the list).


Scientific advice for Christmas (Original Soundtrack), Part 2

Happy Solstice everybody! As James Brown (above) puts it, it’s time to hitch up your reindeer and go straight to the ghetto! This is because it’s time for Part 2 of my…


Last time out things were, I suppose, a bit morbid. This time you will be happy to learn that they are merely nihilistic. All the same, I am again supplying musical accompaniment and helpful advice. Because I am (still) a good person.

So here you are. My scientific advice for Christmas, Part 2…

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