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Six odd Irish UFO sightings

Well, how about this then? Apparently, as well as undergoing simultaneous financial and banking crises on a scale almost never heretofore experienced by anyone, Ireland is experiencing a “UFO epidemic” in its skies. That’s according to the Irish-based franchise of the UK tabloid The Sun. Please note, The Sun are not merely offering whimsical commentary here; they have checked their sources on this one. In fact, they have consulted “one of the world’s most respected forums for star-gazers” and they agree: there have been a number of “legitimate” sightings of extra-terrestrial space-craft from Ireland this year alone. And who, I hear you ask, are this internationally renowned star-gazers forum? NASA, perhaps? The European Space Agency, maybe? Could it be the International Astronomical Union? Nope, it’s none of those elitist stuffed-shirts with their out-dated affection for scientific empiricism, objectivity, evidence, and the like. Instead, The Sun are citing, as a serious source, the obviously bonkers website

To date, there has been no objectively confirmed sighting of a UFO anywhere in the world. However, there have been absolutely squillions (and I mean squillions) of unconfirmed sightings, right throughout human history. Some academics suggest that such sightings reflect a psychological cry-for-help, accentuated at the societal level during times of (say, economic) turmoil. Therefore, to celebrate Ireland’s new-found obsession with alien visitations, here is a countdown of the six oddest UFO sightings from the Emerald Isle… Continue reading “Six odd Irish UFO sightings”

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