Year: 2018

Man who introduced topless Irish dancing in the 1990s bemoans sartorial inelegance of today’s youth Remember the old ways? They were the best. That’s why people say: “The old ways were the best!” Michael Flatley — who last made the news defending himself for performing at the Trump inauguration — certainly stands for the old ways. (BTW, point of information: Cary Grant, who appears […]

Question: How deranged are the NRA? Answer: *This* deranged…

Keep watching. Shortly they customize machine guns with pink paint and gold-leaf epigraphs because, you know, ladies.   Other highlights: 3:44 Guy promotes free speech (“Our greatest weapon is truth!”) by smashing a TV showing news with a sledgehammer. 11:57 Presenters prepare an unusual gift for an expectant mother, by […]

It was kind of funny until they mentioned “bullet crowns”

Religion. Guns. Religion. Guns. Religion. Guns. Not just any old guns, but — no doubt because they are ‘in’ at the moment — AR-15s. Yes, the type of semiautomatic rifle used in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre. So what could be more appropriate at this time? How about […]

Right here is where you start paying. In sweat…

You want fame? Yes, it’s FameLab time again! The International FameLab Science Communication competition is returning to Galway in 2018! Book your ticket to attend the Galway Regional Heat during which participants will compete for two places in the Ireland final. Scientists from a variety of backgrounds will offer presentations […]