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Right here is where you start paying. In sweat…

You want fame?

Yes, it’s FameLab time again!

The International FameLab Science Communication competition is returning to Galway in 2018!
Book your ticket to attend the Galway Regional Heat during which participants will compete for two places in the Ireland final. Scientists from a variety of backgrounds will offer presentations that will answer a range of questions.
This year’s contestants (in alphabatical order) are:
• Olusegun Abiola – “Cheers to Meiosis”
• Valentina Balbi – “The invisible universe”
• Kris Brady – “GFP- lighting the way in biological expression”
• Secil Demir – “Always need a friend”
• Alokkumar Jha – “Cancer: A journey from diagnosis to prognosis using Genomics”
• Christopher Lally – “Genetically modified food”
• David Monahan – “Herd immunity and the increasing importance of vaccination in an era of science denial”
• Eoin Murphy – “The ultimate puzzle”
• Alina Ostrowska – “The Power of Effective Practice”
• Tom Ryder – “Ankylosing Spondylitis: More than just a pain in the neck”

And your host for the evening is none other than yours truly. My instructions are to keep things moving and not overshadow anyone, which should be straightforward. Overall, it promises to be a great evening indeed…

Check out here for more info, and tickets.

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