Man who introduced topless Irish dancing in the 1990s bemoans sartorial inelegance of today’s youth

Remember the old ways? They were the best. That’s why people say: “The old ways were the best!”

Michael Flatley — who last made the news defending himself for performing at the Trump inauguration — certainly stands for the old ways.

(BTW, point of information: Cary Grant, who appears in Flatley’s supposed “1917” photograph, was born in 1904. Perhaps the picture should have said “1947”. It looks like something went terribly wrong.)

Some of the subtweets speak louder than mere words:

Maybe I shouldn’t care that much about the cultural analysis of a man who once falsely claimed to be the world’s fastest tap-dancer, but it is always tiresome to see modernity stigmatized for being nothing other than modern.

This is what conservative dog-whistles sound like.

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