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Question: How deranged are the NRA? Answer: *This* deranged…

Keep watching. Shortly they customize machine guns with pink paint and gold-leaf epigraphs because, you know, ladies.

Accessories are such fun! (Pic: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO))


Other highlights:

  • 3:44 Guy promotes free speech (“Our greatest weapon is truth!”) by smashing a TV showing news with a sledgehammer.
  • 11:57 Presenters prepare an unusual gift for an expectant mother, by shooting some jars of paint in order to create low-tech Pollock-style splatter-art.
  • 13:11 Liberals are accused of holding a “misconceived perception of the world” in which “they believe” that “death is evil” (snowflakes!), when in fact “death is an undeniable fuel of life!

I think most Europeans are genuinely confused at how the NRA have become mainstream voices in US political discourse. But I don’t think Europeans quite grasp just how crazy these NRA nuts actually are.

»So what do you make of this?

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