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Overweight people have lower death risk…#yesterdaysnewstoday

I must be getting old. Things are beginning to repeat themselves. It feels like déjà vu all over again. In fact, even that play on the expression ‘déjà vu’ seems recycled. I know that it actually is, by the way. Things are beginning to repeat themselves, you see. I must be getting old.

It seems like just yesterday (last November maybe. Or last July. Or back in 2009. Or even 2005. Or was it 1995? Or how about waaaaaay back in 1990?) when I was reading about how being a bit overweight might be associated with having a longer life expectancy. Not obese, mind. Just a bit overweight. The medical literature often talks about “not being lean” or somesuch euphemism. Continue reading “Overweight people have lower death risk…#yesterdaysnewstoday”

Want to lose weight? Hint: Do NOT eat chocolate cake

Mmmmm. Chocolate cake. As in “cake” with “chocolate” in it. It’s a straightforward, yet somehow radical, concept. Except it’s not that radical. It’s just everyday, common-or-garden, run-of-the-mill chocolate cake. Tastes nice, but is not good for you; eating lots of it makes you fat, etc., etc., etc. Everybody knows this. I mean, if you were to stop eating, say, fruit for breakfast every morning, and started to eat chocolate cake for breakfast instead, that would just be crazy, wouldn’t it? For one thing, it would make you put on weight, that would. Wouldn’t it?

But have a look at these headlines: “Want to lose weight? Eat chocolate cake for breakfast, say researchers” (Daily Mirror), “Chocolate cake breakfast could help you lose weight” (Daily Telegraph), “Happy Chocolate Day! Chocolate cake for breakfast could help you lose weight” (Huffington Post), “Dessert with breakfast can help weight loss” (MSN New Zealand), “Desserts at Breakfast Could Lead to Weight Loss (Really!)” (Allure Magazine), and many more.

It’s those darned “researchers” again, turning the breakfast tables on us and grabbing the media’s attention. According to these guys, it seems as though eating chocolate cake at breakfast actually helps you to lose weight, rather than put it on. Whodathunkit? I guess that’s why people who eat lots of cake are just so thin.

And that’s that, I suppose. End of. Nothing to see here.

But hang on a minute…

Continue reading “Want to lose weight? Hint: Do NOT eat chocolate cake”

What women want…to be exploited by capitalists

I don’t know much about Marie Claire, but it appears to be some sort of magazine/website for people who hate women. At least, that’s the conclusion I drew from reading this story in their UK edition’s Health News section: “Women Think About Food More Than Sex“. In genre terms, this is something of a high concept piece, one of those articles that sums up everything it has to offer within the phrasing of its title alone (a bit like “Snakes on a Plane“).

So what did they find? Firstly, a full 25% of women “admitted” that dieting was more important to them than their intimate relationships. In fact, get this:

…ten per cent would feel guiltier straying from their diet than being unfaithful to their partner.

That’s right. Marital (or relationship) infidelity — the stuff of epic romantic drama at least since the mythology of the ancient Greeks — is actually not that significant after all. What matters more is diet adherence. So, while Hester Prynne appeared somewhat perturbed throughout The Scarlet Letter, at least all she had to deal with was the stigma of her sexual indiscretion. Imagine if the townsfolk found out about that extra chocolate biscuit she used to scoff during coffee breaks… Continue reading “What women want…to be exploited by capitalists”

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