“I wish Marie Louise O’Donnell would stay away from politics”

Passionate contributions on both sides of Seanad debate on motion to allow 16 year olds vote in local and European elections. Ind Senator Marie Louise O'Donnell tells teenagers in gallery to 'stay away from politics' but @SenLynnRuane strongly disagrees pic.twitter.com/3pfim1Ekjh — RTÉ Politics (@rtepolitics) March 21, 2018 Irish upper-house politics […]

Jordan Peterson’s re-heated obscurantism

Nathan Robinson has written about the obscurantism of Jordan Peterson, and I’m not even the first to blog about it. Pankaj Mishra has been deconstructing Peterson’s mysticism here, while Kelefa Sanneh’s critique is here. After months of hysterical fanboy cheer-leading, it seems like this is the week everyone finally starts having […]

Pence photographed with gay man before taking him to private room for secret rendezvous

A few questions thrown at @vp and @campaignforleo but no replies from either (and no greeting to the press from Pence either). pic.twitter.com/iIsot8Zq3P — Gavan Reilly (@gavreilly) March 16, 2018 It’s (groan) nearly St Patrick’s Day, and so the Irish prime minister is doing the usual in the US of […]

Man who introduced topless Irish dancing in the 1990s bemoans sartorial inelegance of today’s youth

https://twitter.com/MichaelFlatley/status/972480498160324608 Remember the old ways? They were the best. That’s why people say: “The old ways were the best!” Michael Flatley — who last made the news defending himself for performing at the Trump inauguration — certainly stands for the old ways. (BTW, point of information: Cary Grant, who appears […]