Year: 2013

Yes, it’s a list! Five Profoundest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2013

Okay, 2013 is as good as over, and you’re no doubt currently bombarded by countdowns and reviews describing cultural highlights from the last 12 months. Basically, it was all twerking, One Direction, Rob Ford, North West-Kardashian, Edward Snowden, horsemeat, and Syria. I get it. (Please make it stop…) There has also been […]

My kingdom for a zorse (kind of)

Say hello to Ippo. No, not the Japanese manga boxer (after whom he’s no doubt named), but this little fella: He’s a zonkey. Or a zebroid. Or a zorse. Or a zony. Or a zemule. Or a zebonkey. Or even a zebronkey. Or a zebadonk. Or a donkra. Or…wait for it… …a horbra! (Just don’t say that one out loud). […]

»Yuletide Archive: Scientific advice for Christmas (Original Soundtrack), Part 2

»ORIGINALLY POSTED DECEMBER 2011 Happy Solstice everybody! As James Brown (above) puts it, it’s time to hitch up your reindeer and go straight to the ghetto! This is because it’s time for Part 2 of my… …SCIENCE-OF-CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Woo-hoo! (Again) Last time out things were, I suppose, a bit morbid. […]