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This week’s carcinogen: Your mobile phone

So it looks as though we are all going to die. Again. This time it’s our mobile phones that are going to kill us. And who says so? Well, exactly. As in, the WHO says so. In a news story that has captured the imagination of cancer obsessives around the world, no less an authority that the UN’s own health agency have stated that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields — namely, those generated by mobile phones — are “possibly carcinogenic”. Unsurprisingly, given that in over 50 countries there are now actually more mobile phones than people, the global media have gone into something of a tizzy. The story has proven controversial as well as shocking. For one thing, a number of commentators have pointed out that the WHO’s conclusions are strikingly inconsistent with several previous large-scale research studies that have looked for risks associated with mobile phones. So if an authority like the WHO formulates a new position on such an issue, we would be forgiven for assuming that their methods are breathtakingly sophisticated and their evidence both clear and convincing. Well, guess what… Continue reading “This week’s carcinogen: Your mobile phone”

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