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Personality goes a long way…toward making you sick

This is dangerously close to “day job” territory, but yesterday evening I was on the wireless talking about the relationship between psychological traits and physical health. This was part of the excellent Futureproof show on Newstalk 106-108 fm, hosted by the also-excellent Jonathan McCrea (and produced by the just-as-excellent Shaun O’Boyle). You can access the podcast of the show by clicking here (readers who have sold their souls to iTunes can do their business here). My segment begins at 8:32 and lasts for around twelve minutes.

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From a science communication perspective, the item is helpful in addressing a topic that is very often discussed in terms of — how shall I put it? — mumbo jumbo and pseudoscience. For centuries, it has been claimed that personal temperaments affect illness and well-being (consider Galen’s four humours or astrology). Moreover, therapy-merchants of various degrees of rigour have made a good living from offering attractive think-yourself-better solutions for physical health problems. Continue reading “Personality goes a long way…toward making you sick”

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