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Psychology in Crisis: My interview with the ‘Medical Error’ podcast

Here I am discussing psychology, the replication crisis, medical error, CFS/ME, the PACE Trial, political collapse, human extinction, and more…

‘Medical Error Interviews’ is a podcast out of Canada, hosted by Scott Simpson. See all the details, including all the episodes of ‘Medical Error Interviews’, on Podbean.

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“Scientists distort the publication process, not editors”


As reported before, the angst regarding traditional scientific journals rumbles on. Previously, the growth of ‘Open Access’ was greeted with much fanfare as representing a David-style stone lob by researchers (and their public funders) in the direction of the Goliath-style mega-industry that is scientific journal publication (and their private beneficiaries). More notable, as recently as December, Nobel Laureate Randy Schekman, of the University of California at Berkeley, declared that he would immediately cease sending papers to traditionally elite journals such as Nature, Science, and Cell, and instead devote his attention to their Open Access counterparts.

(In passing, we might note that he simultaneously gave airtime to the journal the he, himself, edits. Not free publicity, or anything, you know. Perish the thought. It was clearly an essentially relevant point for him to make.) Continue reading ““Scientists distort the publication process, not editors””

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