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“Are psychics the new psychologists?”

The Sunday Independent ran a short piece on psychics the other week, in which I was quoted as referring to “unreliable forces” when I had actually said “unreliable sources.” My bad, I’m sure.

The writer had interviewed me for this piece many months ago. I guess the obvious joke here would somehow refer to the fact that I had no idea when it was going to be published. But I try not to make obvious jokes.

Here’s a taster:

With modern life comes instant gratification; people want immediate resolutions to their problems, but does the power of a psychic rest with personality type? Are you more likely to believe because you want to? Brian Hughes, Professor of Psychology at NUI Galway, doesn’t think so. “Human beings thrive on certainty and we are all prone to being convinced to some degree by authority figures; most of the information we get is from someone else. It’s not an individual character flaw that leads someone to trust unreliable forces.”

i.e., sources.

See what you make of the entire article by clicking here.




Half-full glass latest: Americans beginning to accept heliocentrism


Three quarters of Americans believe that the Earth orbits the Sun. Three quarters. That’s almost all of the quarters. It’s practically everyone who is awake at any one time. Good news, huh?

I mean, the opposing view — that the Earth is the centre of the universe, that the stars are merely glimmers of light embedded into a dome-like sky which in no way resembles the ground upon which we tread, and that the sun is a blazing flying fireball moving daily from east to west, giving blessed life-force to man, beast, and flora — has dominated human culture for thousands of years.

Yes, I accept that this view has been identified as groundless for a couple of centuries (well, at least four), but listen: not everyone is going to take a geekish interest in the latest scientific advances. Glass. Half. Full. Continue reading “Half-full glass latest: Americans beginning to accept heliocentrism”

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