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Einstein = Mylie Cyrus squared. Or something


Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Here are some tweets…


This could take a while… (Pic: Twitter)

Yes, fans’ favourite Adam Rutherford makes a highly reasonable observation on The Guardian‘s use of media frames to pitch us the theory of special relativity.

He’s right, you know. It is just unfair to yoke little old E=mc² to warmongers and Luddites. I mean, it has so many other meanings… Continue reading “Einstein = Mylie Cyrus squared. Or something”

“Should we ditch the meal and go out with these boys?”

Stephen Hawking encounters a stag-do in Cambridge:

Picture: The Telegraph/SWNS

Picture: The Telegraph/SWNS

From The Telegraph:

Chris Hallam, 29, and ten friends…turned a corner and bumped into Stephen Hawking getting out of his car. And they were stunned when the Brief History of Time author agreed to pose with them for a souvenir photo. Mr Hallam, a self-employed builder from Norwich, said: “We only came across Professor Hawking because we were lost. We were just looking for a bar and spotted him getting out of his car. His son was with him and asking him ‘Should we ditch the meal and go out with these boys?'”

In case you’re wondering, all the guys are dressed as Bananaman (it’s a British thing), a comic-book hero famous for possessing “the muscles of twenty men, and the brains of twenty mussels.”

Only twenty mussels, though. I bet Stephen Hawking is smarter than that.

Polarity. It’s a useful concept

I’m on a bus, ploughing its way through an excessive headwind as yet another Atlantic storm blasts us to colour-coded distress (we are Code Red now; there are no more colours left).

But even in distress, we have clever scientifically literate headlines. Fair play to RTE’s news website people for this:


You see? Ever the pun-seekers…

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