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Reading this can damage your health

nz wifi screengrab 2

Remember, folks, if (a) it’s new, (b) it’s popular, and (c) it’s invisible, then you know what it is. That’s right. It’s a cancer-causing death ray inflicted by lazy-minded bureaucrats who wilfully want to kill your kids. Or “WiFi”, to you and me.

Yes, WiFi causes cancer now. And that’s official (kind of). How do we know? Well, it said so on the Internet. And, some parents campaigning to have it banned have been getting emails from all over the world “expressing concern” about the dangers of WiFi. Yep. Looks like it’s true alright.

As a result, and in no way an alarmist reaction, a school in New Zealand has decided to remove Wi-Fi from junior classes and replace it with cable-based internet. You know, because electrical cables have never hurt anyone. Continue reading “Reading this can damage your health”

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