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Results being “due to” causes somehow doesn’t imply causality

So, last week I had the pleasure of enjoying this delicious meal while exploring some backstreet neighbourhoods in Muscat, Oman. See can you guess what the green stuff is…


Here’s a closer look…


And here it is listed on the menu:

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Being bitten by a cat causellates depression


Consider this a test post. Testing internet access from here (Hong Kong Airport- yay for free WiFi), WordPress access from here, and your nerves from everywhere.

Popular Science are going with “Cat Bites are Linked To Depression,” using that annoying sense of the term “linked to.” Basically, in this sense of the term, it means “not really linked to linked to.”

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Why give penguins antidepressants when they don’t even work?


Penguins. Nature’s best dressed flightless birds. Apparently, the UK climate is getting them down, what with all that rain. And contrary to meteorophobic stereotype, penguins actually like it sunny.

So what to do? That’s right. Happy pills!

Staff at the Scarborough Sea Life Sactuary, in Yorkshire, are putting the ‘happy pills’ into the gills of dead fish during feeding time. The South American seabirds hail from Chile and Peru and are used to a sunnier climate. It is the first time the dozen Humboldt penguins at the sea life centre have needed the sporanox pills because of the woeful weather. Continue reading “Why give penguins antidepressants when they don’t even work?”

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