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Gee, I don’t know, is it just me, or could this infographic possibly be a little gender-biased?


Hmm. You tell me…

It’s all quite multi-layered. While depicting Dad as some kind of Neanderthal, the designers *still* manage to hold Mom up to unrealistic body-image standards. I mean, what could be more suitable for pitchside than a tight-fitting mini dress and high-heel pumps?

And sporty kid is, well, obviously, a boy (with a frickin’ bowtie, just in case you were unsure).

I guess reductionist gender-stereotyping evens itself out in the end.

That’s why we never have to do anything about it.

Microsoft pushes boundaries of keyboard design, at expense of user sanity

Have a look at the keyboard on the new Microsoft Surface Pro:


See where the Power Off button is located?

Yep. Right there, right next to the ‘Delete’ key.

So when you need to delete the last letter you’ve typed, heck, with your eyes closed you just might power the whole thing off.

To be fair, actually powering off a Surface Pro requires you to hold that button down for a few seconds. So you are unlikely to actually switch off your computer when trying to delete a single character.

But what if you — like me — are the type of typist who holds down the ‘Del’ key for seconds at a time in order to delete several characters? Well then you are well and truly in Russian roulette territory.

On the plus side, at least the designers have added a luxury carpet to the thing, and made it available in maroon. So there’s that.

Hmmmm. Better check those auto-save settings…


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