Year: 2023

New book…

I am pleased to write that my latest book — A Conceptual History of Psychology: The Mind Through Time — is now published worldwide. Here are the contents: PART I. FOUNDATIONChapter 1. People, history and the concept of psychologyChapter 2. Spirituality, philosophy and the concept of the mindChapter 3. Knowledge, […]

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Eight (or more) logical fallacies in that paper bemoaning the new NICE guideline for ME/CFS

“No one comes up here without a damn good reason.” * * * Regular readers will recall that I have previously written about the UK’s new healthcare guidelines for ME/CFS, as published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in 2021. Whereas the old guidance had proposed […]

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ME, Long Covid, and the History of Medical Stigma (Transcript)

Here is a transcript of my recent podcast with the Norwegian ME Association. In the interview, we discuss the medical stigma where post-viral illnesses, such as ME and Long COVID, are falsely characterised as ‘psychological’ due to poorly grounded stereotyping. The discussion touches on how medical opinion has become intertwined […]