Scientific literacy on the rise (Must put a stop to that then…)

Late last year, I posted a piece on a hoax news story then doing the rounds online, concerning a local councillor in Ireland who claimed that his area was especially suitable for cloud computing because of all the clouds. The post received a bucket load of hits, scooping the Daily Telegraph (who ran the original story without realising it was a hoax) and getting picked up by bloggers at Slate magazine.

Today I bring you the story that an Irish parliamentarian (yes, a member of the national parliament rather than of a local council) has proposed a change in the law regarding car registration plates, to allow motorists to avoid license plates that contain the number ’13’. You know, because ’13’ is so unlucky.

And this time, I kid you not, it ain’t a hoax. Continue reading “Scientific literacy on the rise (Must put a stop to that then…)”

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