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Are Cambridge University Press now promoting Scientology?

Have a look at the screenshot of this South Korean website and tell me which British book publisher whose overseas operation you think it represents:

Let me give you a hint. It’s not Oxford University Press. Confused? Well, let’s park that for now.

Next, have a look at this website and tell me which book publisher whose overseas operation it represents:

Ha! That’s not Oxford University Press either.

So, then, what’s going on? Continue reading “Are Cambridge University Press now promoting Scientology?”

Superfast “supermoon” U-turn by the Daily Mail

I realise that the rolling news agenda can change extremely quickly in today’s media saturated world, but even this is slightly dramatic…

Daily Mail, 9 March 2011:

Daily Mail, 11 March 2011: Continue reading “Superfast “supermoon” U-turn by the Daily Mail”

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