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I will be attempting to “Move psychological science forward” in Nottingham on Wednesday night

But I won’t be doing so single-handedly, thank goodness.

The kind folks at the British Psychological Society have asked me to be a panellist at their Fringe Event, on the opening night of their Annual Conference. I’ve got five minutes to pitch my solution to psychology’s various problems.

Five minutes. That should do it.

I am really looking forward to seeing the other panellists in action. They are Peter Brannay, Lisa Morrison Coulthard, and the wonderful Brian Nosek. It’s a genuine privilege to share the stage with these fine folks.

By the way, my contribution will reflect my new book, which is not quite out yet but is on the way…


Nice cover, huh? I have to say I really like it. You will have to wait a few months to see the actual pages I’m afraid.

However, don’t fret, for to whet your collective appetites, there WILL BE FLYERS:

The merch collection starts here…

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