So apparently George Soros “can’t stand” Ireland’s anti-abortion clause because, well, obvs

This is one of Ireland’s very stable geniuses. If you listen carefully to what he says in this speech, you will learn that multi-billionaire Hungarian-American philanthropist George Soros wants to “smash down” the “gate” (or is it a “shield”? or is it a “walled garden“?) that is the Irish constitution’s Eighth Amendment, the “only thing” currently protecting the unborn children of Ireland (note: there will be NO BIRTHS AT ALL once abortion is legalized here!).

And why exactly does multi-billionaire Hungarian-American philanthropist George Soros want to do this? Well, it’s simple. It’s because he, and his kind, are “predators“.

“Because that’s what they are…They are PREDATORS!”


I love the way they wilfully added tinkly Halloween-style piano music to their own video.

Funny or Not Funny? I can’t make up my mind.

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