Einstein = Mylie Cyrus squared. Or something


Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

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This could take a while… (Pic: Twitter)

Yes, fans’ favourite Adam Rutherford makes a highly reasonable observation on The Guardian‘s use of media frames to pitch us the theory of special relativity.

He’s right, you know. It is just unfair to yoke little old E=mc² to warmongers and Luddites. I mean, it has so many other meanings…

Mariah comes first, of course (Pic: Wikipedia)
Mariah comes first, of course (Pic: Wikipedia)

Helping us to understand the universe apart, perhaps its most contemporary meaning relates to how Einstein’s famous tongue-engorging facemark has been channelled a century later by one of today’s most talented young pop artistes.

Letting E be Albert himself, and mc be young Mylie, and assuming the value of Albert to exponentially exceed that of Mylie, we derive the following:

A mnemonic for our times

And if you’re really interested in formulae involving Mylie Cyrus that actually manage to achieve The Guardian’s hoped for link to atomic apocalypse, have a chew on this:

There's plenty more. Go look. You *definitely* don't want to miss it
There’s plenty more. Go look. You *definitely* don’t want to miss it

I guess what I’m saying is that I agree with Adam Rutherford.

Blaming E=mc² for the atomic bomb comes across about as rational as blaming Mylie Cyrus.

Might as well do it though. Good for clicks.


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