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As mentioned elsewhere, my own academic background is in the behavioural and health sciences, specifically psychology. And aside from my research on various biological and physiological aspects of behaviour, one of my key interests is in the scientific and epistemological underpinnings of the field. Hence this book, a brief guide to the conceptual and historical aspects of psychology.

Well, congratulations, readers in India and other SAARC countries! (FYI, India is the fifth most popular source of traffic to this blog.) Because you can now benefit from this volume too: Pearson have released a new 2014 edition, just for you guys!

Among the modifications is a cool new cover. And I particularly like the approach. In the interests of globalisation, the Eurocentric Rodin Thinker figure has been replaced with something more fitting: a Buddha-style carving. And the colour has been souped up too. See what you think…

India/SAARC edition
India/SAARC edition…
Euro edition
…and the original European edition. Spot the differences!

Nice touches all round, I feel.

Alrighty then, Blatant Plug Alert over. Back to your day.

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