Looks like I should have gone to press with my “populist landslide” prediction. Exit poll suggests Ireland has well and truly CRUSHED its abortion ban!


Ha! Polls closed 10 minutes ago. The Irish Times, our paper of record, has conducted an exit poll.

Get a load of this baby:

Screenshot 2018-05-25 at 22.10.55
Pic: Irish Times, go read their report now


I had told folks to expect a decisive margin, but I had been pegging it at 60:40…

Of course this is just an exit poll, but unlike pre-polls, exit polls have really good accuracy. The official margin of error for this one is +/-1.5%. I think that might be moot in this case.

The official count takes place tomorrow morning. There will be another exit poll by the national TV station later tonight.

Folks, I think we got this.

REPEAL THE 8TH!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I need to go on Twitter now. Byeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

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EDIT, 10:36 PM:

I thought this was interesting:

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EDIT, 10:45 PM:

And this:

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EDIT, 10:55 PM:


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EDIT, 11:45 PM

Second exit poll, by the national broadcaster, confirms the result:

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EDIT, 12:35 AM

This is cute:



Okay, time for bed now. Need to get up and celebrate more tomorrow…!

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