Reproductive rights in Ireland will lead to “normalisation of sex slavery”, “euthanasia”, and “the killing of political opponents”, according to local councillor who is not exaggerating at all

Is it libel if the person actually said it?

Oh well. This guy has been saying stuff. A whole lot of stuff actually.

Today he’s been discussing the forthcoming abortion referendum in Ireland:

A COUNTY councillor has defended claims that the abolition of the Eighth Amendment will lead to sex slavery becoming “normalised”.

Leitrim Independent Councillor, Des Guckian, said in an email to constituents that “Hitler would be very happy with the proposal to abolish the Eighth”. He also said repeal of the Eighth would lead to girls being forced to have sex “on demand”.

Speaking to Ocean FM today he said he was “glad” to stand over the claims….Mr Guckian also said Ireland should turn to a “culture of life” and to a “proper use of sex”.

(I have previously listed some of the proper uses of sex in the body of this blogpost.)

When asked what he meant by his concern that the introduction of abortion in Ireland would lead to the normalisation of sex slavery he said: “What I mean by it is this that the values that people always have held will be totally devalued and youngsters – I mean very young – will be asked and will be expected to indulge themselves in sex at an age when they’re just not able for that kind of thing.”

…In the lengthy email he said: “If abortion sweeps in, is euthanasia and the killing of political opponents etc very far behind? They are creating a Culture of Death.”

“This is a holocaust in the same way,” he said of his references to Hitler in the email.

Godwin’s law yet again. (That guy Hitler sure has a lot to answer for.)

Mr Guickan denied that the email was designed to create controversy.

So when he cites Hitler and refers to the Holocaust, this fellow is definitely NOT exaggerating.

He literally means it.

Of course, the proof of such a pudding would surely lie in an attempt to eat it. To test this man’s claims, all we need do is look at the countries where abortion has already been legalised. We can then check whether legalisation was followed by any discernible uptick in euthanasia, Holocausts, normalised sex slavery, political killings, improper uses of sex, plagues of locusts, soundings of the seven trumpets, intermittent Wifi outages, or any other resultant catastrophe that might be envisaged in such circumstances.

Let’s stick to euthanasia for now.

Based on the reality that euthanasia is legal in only 10 countries worldwide, but abortion has been introduced in 200, I think we can rule out a causal link between the two. What do you think?

But there’s more. Shock horror — today’s pro-life loon has a history of incendiary outpourings, and unsurprisingly his approach to ‘life’ has proven to be rather wide-ranging. This was him back in December:

A COUNTY COUNCILLOR in Leitrim has refused to apologise for repeatedly using the n-word at a local meeting on Monday night…The independent councillor commented, after receiving an answer he didn’t like, that “we are certainly not n****rs like in the eyes of the south of the United States, that is long gone”.

(I would have provided a relevant context if there actually was one.)

When challenged by Council chairman Seadhna Logan, who asked him to withdraw his remark, Guckian accused Logan of being “remarkably sensitive”, and told the meeting: “The reality is that in the US in 1964 n****rs were totally discriminated against”.

(Apparently he was discussing “road surfacing and repairs of by-roads.”)

Speaking to this afternoon Des Guckian said: “I said what I said at the meeting and that’s it.” Asked whether he planned to apologise for using the n-word he replied: “I’m not saying anymore, right? Thank you.”

You’re welcome, Des.

Hey, I might as well get them all in today. Here’s a musical interlude for your listening pleasure:

It’s a timeless three-chord structure, but if it were only a little bit catchier then I just might have changed my mind on the whole abortion thing.

Anyway. Still two weeks to go…

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