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It’s been seven years since I started this blog. That’s quite a chunk of my life. And, as the context changes, so does my perspective. Not everything fits neatly into The Science Bit.

In recent years I have written a couple of books on the scientific strengths and weaknesses of my own field of psychology. In fact I have just written a third book, which will appear later in the year. Psychology is very much a science, but the topics I cover in my books are not always the same as those I have written about in The Science Bit.

Likewise, I briefly blogged over on Psychology Today, but I never found that too satisfying (for one thing, the intensity of copy-editing — indeed, sub-editing — by the PT bosses was a little too much for comfort at times).

And, you know, I have views on stuff.

Therefore, I have started an additional blog for pursuing comments and observations of the wider world. Science is important to the wider world, for sure, so I will continue (of course) to maintain a scientific and empirical worldview. But sometimes even scientists want to say a little more at times.

So go check it out. Attempting Boolean perspicacity, I’ve called it Not The Science Bit.

Cheers for now…

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