Brian thinks chicken pox is normal, Harper is confused

Speaking as a Brian, I can confirm that this is true…


In my 1970s childhood, everyone got chicken pox sooner or later. Whenever I felt unwell, I would eagerly look for the red blotches that would confirm my destiny. The ‘pocks’, as I thought they were, each individual mark representing a single ‘pock’.

For reasons that appear now strange in hindsight, I don’t recall ever contemplating what chickens had to do with it. For all I knew, the bird might have been named after the disease, rather than the other way around, so normal was the pox.

I didn’t know how you got it, but I knew you could only get it once. This lent chicken pox a certain right-of-passage cachet. Until my own skin was scabbed over with itchy blisters, I felt I was missing out.

Eventually I was struck down. After a week or so it was over. I was quite proud of myself. I had had my pox.

Exciting times. Pity the Jaxons and Harpers with their coddled modern pox-free lives…

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