The dead hand of democracy

Witness newly elected Irish parliamentarian, one Danny Healy Rae, and his speech to the house on climate change. My guess is that climate change is not a major concern of his constituents.

Non-Irish readers may wish to note that the Irish parliament consists of 158 members, so basically this guy is 158th of all there is. Secondly, in the recent parliamentary elections, he was one of the most voted for politicians in the country.

Thirdly, the Irish election led to a hung parliament. The two biggest parties have struggled to form a government, so there is much attention on the role of independent (non-party) members, who may be pork-bellied into propping up a minority administration.

Folks like this guy.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the acting Environment Minister made a speech today too, also on the subject of climate change. Naturally his was a little more scientifically informed that Danny Healy Rae’s. But bizarrely, nobody turned up. Literally nobody. Even though the parliament has 158 members – each elected to represent constituent citizens of the republic – not a single one of them turned up to hear the Environment Minister’s climate change speech. Dutifully he delivered it anyway, reading his prepared script into the record in an empty chamber.

Danny Healy Rae, meanwhile, has been trending on Twitter.

So who says scientific literacy is on the rise?

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  1. Serves me right. I teach a lesson on Global Warming to Transition Years and I mention in it that the religious right in America is part of the problem. I’ve even mentioned in my last blogpost
    I didn’t think we had these people here (south of the border at least).
    What chance do we have?

  2. Chester Draws

    Except we can vote out an idiot. Non-democratic countries are stuck with the idiots.

    So, bluster aside, democracy reduces the idiot component.

  3. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, Mr Rae may be partly right, who can really say !

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