Not Safe For Work…

…so wait until you get HOME from work before watching this guy’s reaction to a weird looking fish:

It’s a sunfish (mola mola) and, to be sure, it does look pretty weird. Here it is in all its glory courtesy of

“Holy f***ing s***!!!”

The glorious wonder of nature truly is breathtaking. But for me, I’m just as taken by the guy’s effing and blinding. Some people say that swearing reveals an impoverished vocabulary. However, I couldn’t possibly imagine this guy’s outburst would be nearly so gripping — or communicative — without his colourful language.

Oh, and apparently there was some other science news today. It seems that NASA have discovered flowing salt water on Mars. That is certainly quite profound. Some commentators say that the whole scenario is so biologically interesting, we should get our top scientists on the case tout suite.

I say get that guy with the boat. I mean, who knows what we might find swimming around up there.

Viral videos for the win!

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