Ukraine, where *are* you?

One of the prerequisites for launching a military intervention in someplace like Ukraine is to figure out exactly where Ukraine actually is. So you can see what the problem is going to be here…

Some folks think it’s somewhere around Missouri:

"Put a blue dot where you think Ukraine is..." (Pic: Washington Post)
“Put a blue dot where you think Ukraine is…” (Pic: Washington Post)


Other folks think it’s in Australia:

"Erm, have another go..." (Pic: Washington Post)
“Er, have another go…” (Pic: Washington Post)


And others think it’s in the middle of the ocean:

"Third time lucky?" (Pic: Washingon Post)
“Third time lucky?” (Pic: Washingon Post)

For all the hits, you’ll need to check out the Washington Post, who nicely show us how accurate over 2,000 Americans were at locating Ukraine, when quizzed by researchers from Dartmouth, Harvard, and Princeton.

It is gratifying that it seems that while some people obviously need to recalibrate their arses and elbows, a decent number were reasonably correct, broadly speaking, in their responses.

What is less gratifying is the correlation the researchers found between people’s accuracy and their willingness to invade Ukraine. It was statistically significant. And inverse.

That’s right: the less accurate people were in knowing where Ukraine actually was, the more willing they were to nuke the hell out of the place.

"Who cares? It's down there somewhere..."
“Who cares!? It’s down there somewhere…”

You know, sometimes democracy really does keeps me awake at night…

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