Scientists now working on the perfect joke (Not a joke)


Here is a table showing you how funny various errors made while texting actually are:

My sides are *literally* splitting here! Please make it stop!!!
My sides are *literally* splitting here! Please make it stop!!!

You see, “I’ve sent you my fart” is much funnier than “Waited half n hour in the buss stop.”

Good to know.

So, scientists are now trying to “harness the power of autocorrect errors” in order to “make computers more humorous.” Here’s the Telegraph:

Hannu Toivonen, a computer scientist at the University of Helsinki, is leading the research into how autocorrect misnomers could be used to inspire greater comedy in the world of digital communications.

The professor was inspired to carry out a study into the unintentional humour of predictive text mistakes after falling victim to an erroneous email sign off…“It was meant to say ‘Best Regards’. What it actually read was, ‘Best Retards’.


This is the first time such written idiosyncrasies have been subjected to scientific analysis.

Really? The first time?

Because it all reminds me of this 1969 Monty Python sequence where the military set about trying to perfect the funniest joke in the world, as a weapon:

They eventually get to a stage where the joke is so funny that the scientists keep dying from laughter, so they have to break the joke up into parts and get different scientists to work on each bit separately.

Now that’s funny.

Somebody needs to stop these people before they go too far.

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