Pseudoscience Classes #14-17

Class #14: Biological Reductionism in Gender Research

In short: We now move on to our second set of case-studies: namely, psychology-related pseudoscience from the mainstream (as opposed to from the fringes). The first case-study is ‘Biological Reductionism and Gender’.

Targeted reading:
Hyde, ‘The Gender Similarities Hypothesis’
From the Blog: Who let the pseudoscientists out?

Class #15: The ‘Tend-and-Befriend’ theory

In short: Continuing the case-study on ‘Biological Reductionism and Gender’, we look at the claims and criticisms associated with the ‘tend-and-befriend’ theory of stress.

Targeted reading:
Taylor et al., ‘Biobehavioral responses to stress in females: Tend-and-befriend, not fight-or-flight’
Geary & Finn, ‘Sex differences in behavioral and hormonal response to social threat: Commentary on Taylor et al.’

Class #16: Social Cognition Models

In short: Our second case-study from mainstream psychology is ‘Social Cognition Models’.

Targeted reading:
Hughes, Chapter 12 (pp. 166-167)
Ogden, ‘Some problems with social cognition models: A pragmatic and conceptual analysis’
From the Blog: Stop the spread of the ecological fallacy

Class #17: The MMR-Autism Scandal

In short: Our next case-study from mainstream psychology relates to ‘Autism Controversies’; specifically, the Wakefield MMR vaccination scare scandal.

Targeted reading/viewing:
Wakefield, ‘Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children’
Deer, ‘How the Case Against the MMR Vaccine Was Fixed’
Deer, ‘How the Vaccine Crisis was Meant to Make Money’
Deer, ‘The Lancet‘s Two Days to Bury Bad News’
From the Blog: Homeopathy, vaccination, and autism: Together again

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