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Imprint: 2012
Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology
Author: Brian M. Hughes
Publisher: Prentice Hall, London

(Part of the Psychology Express Series, edited by Dominic Upton)

ISBN-10: 0273737287
ISBN-13: 978-0273737285

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Chapter 1 Explaining People: Theoretical Psychology Throughout the Ages
Chapter 2 Ways of Knowing: The Scientific Method and Its Alternatives
Chapter 3 From Philosophy to Laboratory: The Arrival of Empirical Psychology
Chapter 4 The Evolution of Measurement: From Physiognomy to Psychometrics
Chapter 5 The Behaviourist Revolution: Actions as Data
Chapter 6 The Cognitive Revolution: The Metaphor of Computation
Chapter 7 Neuroscience and Genetics: 21st Century Reductionism?
Chapter 8 Can Psychology Be Scientific?
Chapter 9 Subjectivist Approaches to Psychology
Chapter 10 The Problem of Consciousness
Chapter 11 Science Since the 20th Century: Postpositivism and Postmodernism
Chapter 12 Relativism, Constructivism, and their Implications for Psychology
Chapter 13 The Future of Psychology

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