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Jordan Peterson’s re-heated obscurantism

Not the Science Bit

Nathan Robinson has written about the obscurantism of Jordan Peterson, and I’m not even the first to blog about it. Pankaj Mishra has been deconstructing Peterson’s mysticism here, while Kelefa Sanneh’s critique is here. After months of hysterical fanboy cheer-leading, it seems like this is the week everyone finally starts having a go at Jordan. It’s becoming almost repetitive. But perhaps that’s appropriate; after all, when it comes to matters Petersonian, it’s never long before you get that old-wine-in-new-bottles sensation. So let’s just pile aboard the bandwagon.

Let’s reheat that take-out junk food one more time (and strangle some metaphors while we’re at it).

Jordan Peterson is not the first pseudo-intellectual to make big bucks out of textually contorted trivia. He is not the first to go viral with quick-fix self-help bunkum. He is definitely not the first to marshal near-incomprehensible verbiage in the enterprise of charismatic intellectual…

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One thought on “Jordan Peterson’s re-heated obscurantism Leave a comment

  1. Young men are in a precarious situation in which they are being told that their past is full of evil and their future will be full of retribution.

    This has resulted in a schism between young (mostly) white men who seek to return to the past for the sake ofsafety vs young men who wish to destroy the past (and themselves) for the sake of “progress”– a progress that they cannot fully explain.

    Dr. Peterson is resurrecting religion as a metaphoric rubric of positive behavior.

    Dr. Peterson is salvaging the better elements of masculine identity as a code of normative ethics.

    You’re free to impugn his character but I’m sure we all would appreciate a more open dialogue resulting in actionable programs to aide young men.

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