A man for all silly seasons


Okay, we get it. It’s HOT. This must be the reason that the world is going crazy. For example, the Daily Mail — yes, the Daily Mail — is of the view that supporting homeopathy makes you some kind of crank. Referring to reports that Prince Charles continues to take it upon himself to direct government policy away from the evidence base and towards traditionalism, the Mail is declaring this an “NHS ROW” concerning  “discredited homeopathy“, which they happily report is dismissed by “top doctors” because it constitutes a mixture of “witchcraft” and “voodoo“. Yes. The Daily Mail.

To provide you with a visual reminder, here is the aforementioned Prince Charles:

Charles is the one on the left

Charles is the one on the left

The good old Daily Mail, eh? A bastion of common sense, I always say.

Categories: Alternative/Complementary Medicine, Conservatism, Daily Mail, Health, Homeopathy, Newspapers & Magazines

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